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Why you (yes, you!) should care about Julia

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Learn Julia, now available in early access from Manning. I imagine you holding this book in your hand at your favourite bookstore, and contemplating whether to buy it. “Why should I care about Julia?”, you wonder. “There are hundreds of languages around. The statistical community uses […]

The mysterious Char

A Charr, in Guild Wars, is a vaguely feline race that likes barbecues and war. A Char, in Julia, is a pretty strange type that most people slide over without getting into the more esoteric aspects of it. This post is about the latter. Nature of the species The general understanding of most people using […]

Writing good Julia functions

Writing good functions is not an art – it’s something you can learn with reasonably little practice. A good function, by our definition, is one that is performant: it consumes as few resources as needed, type-stable: it always returns the same type of object, and legible: Julia is a fairly easy to read language, and […]