Long time don’t post…

By: Júlio Hoffimann

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Long time don’t post. This is a quick update on a
new repository
where I will be adding GeoStats.jl
tutorials. Current contents are pasted below:

Current list of tutorials.

Kaggle: Prime Travelling Santa 2018 – MIP

By: OpenSourcES

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First of all I want to say sorry for not writing in the last couple of months. University is stressful, I think that should be a good enough excuse 😀
Anyway I don’t get paid for it so I don’t have to say sorry 😛

Okay let’s get back to some Julia code and some optimization in 2019.
I got my secon…

Newsletter January 2019

By: Julia Computing, Inc.

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Julia Co-Creators Win Wilkinson Prize: Julia co-creators Jeff
Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski and Viral Shah are the winners of the
prestigious James H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical
This prize is awarded every four years to recognize innovative software
in scientific computing. The award will be presented at the Society for
Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Conference on Computational
Science and Engineering (CSE19) in Spokane, WA Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019.

Julia Growth Metrics

  Cumulative Total as of Jan 2018 Cumulative Total as of Jan 2019 Growth
Number of Julia Downloads Initiated 1.8 million 3.2 million +78%
Julia Packages Available 1,688 2,462 +46%
Number of News Articles Mentioning Julia 93 253 +172%
Julia Discourse Threads + Stack Overflow Questions 8,620 16,363 +90%
GitHub Stars for Julia Language (Not Including Julia Packages) 9,626 19,472 +102%
Published Citations of Julia: A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing (2017) and Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language for Technical Computing (2012) 613 1,048 +71%

* Note: Julia can also call C, C++, Fortran, Python, R, Java and MPI

Julia GitHub Stars: Julia GitHub stars have nearly doubled since the
Aug 2018 release of Julia 1.0 and Julia is one of the top 10 languages
on GitHub

measured by stars and forks.

JuliaTeam is an
enterprise solution that makes it as easy to use and develop Julia
packages inside your company as it is in the open source world. The
current release of JuliaTeam integrates with your corporate
authentication systems and eliminates the headaches of installing and
using public Julia packages behind a corporate firewall. JuliaTeam also
gives IT and management insight and control over what packages
developers are using, helping ensure quality and security.

releases will include these features as well:

  • Read and search docs for all internal and external packages in a single place

  • Create and manage private package registries

  • Publish and test private packages as easily as public ones, making sure new versions work seamlessly with all the other versions of packages that your teams are using

  • Benchmark your code to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible and stays fast

  • Download a summary of licenses of all the software you depend on

JuliaTeam makes
Julia development at your company as easy, effective and fun as open

For more information, contact us.

Julia Training: Julia Computing offers online and offline
including Introduction
to Julia, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Parallel
Computing in Julia and customized courses at every level. Registration
and course descriptions are available
. Live instructor-led online
courses include:

New Julia Textbook: Introduction to Linear Applied Algebra –
Vectors, Matrices and Least Squares
Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe uses Julia as the language of
instruction and includes a Julia language
This is the textbook for EE103 (Stanford University) and EE133A (UCLA).
Other Julia textbooks, tutorials and teaching resources are available at

Julia for Space Mission Planning: Julia Language Ephemeris and
Physical Constants Reader for Solar System
was published by
Professor Kaela M. Martin (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University),
undergraduates Julia Mihaylov and Renee Spear (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
University) and Damon Landau (National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California
Institute of Technology (Caltech)). This research “will help
interplanetary space mission designers more easily locate the relative
positions of planets, moons and small bodies in the solar system at
specific times in order to calculate optimum spacecraft trajectories.”

Julia for School Bus Optimization: The Institute for Operations
Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) has
MIT Sloan Professor Dimitris Bertsimas, Arthur Delarue and Sebastien
Martin as Franz Edelman award finalists for their use of Julia and
JuMP.jl to make Boston Public Schools bus routes 20% more efficient and
save $5 million per year which is being reinvested in schools.

JuMP-dev Annual Workshop: The third annual JuMP-dev
takes place
March 12-14 in Santiago, Chile.
is free and talk proposal

are encouraged.

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There are more than 300 Julia jobs currently listed on
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Julia is the fastest high performance open
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machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other scientific and
numeric computing applications. Julia solves the two language problem by
combining the ease of use of Python and R with the speed of C++. Julia
provides parallel computing capabilities out of the box and unlimited
scalability with minimal effort. Julia has been downloaded more than 3
million times and is used at more than 1,500 universities. Julia
co-creators are the winners of the 2019 James H. Wilkinson Prize for
Numerical Software. Julia has run at
650,000 cores with 1.3 million threads to analyze over 56 terabytes of
data using Cori, one of the ten largest and most powerful supercomputers
in the world.

Julia Computing was founded in 2015
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