Where are the Julians?

By: Júlio Hoffimann

Re-posted from: https://juliohm.github.io/dataviz/where-are-the-julians/


  • Pan and zoom with the mouse.
  • Click on a bubble to open profiles on GitHub.
  • Alt + click to remove a bubble.

You may need to unblock popups in your browser to have multiple profiles opening as tabs. Removing a bubble can be useful for revealing other bubbles.

Julians are presented in decreasing order of contributions. An arc is drawn between locations X and Y in the map whenever a Julian in X and a Julian in Y have contributed to a common package.

Want to be on the map?

If your nickname is listed below and you want to appear on the map, please consider typing your address on GitHub:


The data was extracted from METADATA. It only includes members
of the community that have contributed to a registered Julia package (e.g. issues, pull requests) up
until 27-June-2017.

The Jupyter notebook used for data extraction is available in our
JuliaGraphsTutorials repository.

Say hello to a Julian near you. #JuliansInTheGlobe