This week in Julia: October 18

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Major breaking changes

  • As anticipated from last week’s integer arithmetic change, the usage of itrunc to truncate integers into a specific type has been removed. Since this is intrinsically a modular arithmetic calculation, rem is now the way to do this, with the idiomatic syntax being 1234 % Uint8 == 0xd2. (#8648)

New proposals

Several new proposals (juleps) were submitted this week.

  • Given that convert is one of the most heavily used functions in Julia, a renewed conversation about using x as Foo as sugar for convert(Foo, x)::Foo was started in #8710.
  • @StefanKarpinski put together a coherent story for how APL-style indexing and lazy transpose behaviors could be combined to solve some of the current inconsistencies (like the double-transpose of a vector not being a vector, and vector dot products being one-element arrays). #4774

0.4 project updates

  • @JeffBezanson managed to get the call-overload branch passing tests! A few questions remain before it can get merged, though. #8712.
  • And a postscript from last week: an intrepid group has managed to successfully build julia with MSVC. I missed including it last week, but I think it’s worthy of a note. See #7761 for details.

Package ecosystem

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