DifferentialEquations.jl 2.0

By: JuliaDiffEq

Re-posted from: http://juliadiffeq.org/2017/04/30/API_changes.html

This marks the release of ecosystem version 2.0. All of the issues got looked
over. All (yes all!) of the API suggestions that were recorded in issues in
JuliaDiffEq packages have been addressed! Below are the API changes that have occurred.
This marks a really good moment for the JuliaDiffEq ecosystem because it means all
of the long-standing planned API changes are complete. Of course new things may come
up, but there are no more planned changes to core functionality. This means that we can simply
work on new features in the future (and of course field bug reports as they come).
A blog post detailing our full 2.0 achievements plus our 3.0 goals will come out at
our one year anniversary. But for now I want to address what the API changes are,
and the new features of this latest update.